CCSS Conferring Continua

The Math Collective Conferring Continua are designed to show possible links between the standards across grades. We hope these serve as a guide during work with students—especially in conferences. These progressions were inspired by the Progressions Documents and the work of Jason Zimba and his wiring diagram, now online as the Coherence Map.

How to use the Conferring Continua

When working with a student, begin with a standard that is on grade level, or near where you believe they are able to make sense. Move forward or backwards depending on how well they demonstrate understanding.

Similar ideas are grouped together by shading or color and are given a title.

Red Arrows show the connection from one standard to another. Dashed Red Arrowsindicate the next standard is on a following page. Blue Arrows show connections from other Continuums for different domains.

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The Conferring Continua

Students think about how numbers work: how they represent quantity, what relationships they have with each other. They also consider how we can use operations to represent those relationships.


Students learn the conventions of our base ten number system and place value. They also consider how the operations behave when working in this system.


Students develop an understanding of how fractions represent rational numbers. They also consider how the operations behave when working with these types of numbers.





Data & Measurement



Standards of Mathematical Practice

[IN PROGRESS] How do the Standards of Mathematical Practice look at each grade? We have built a cross-grade continuum that helps illustrate ways students meet these standards with grade level tasks.