Our Mission

Our Mission

The mission of the Math Collective is to make high-quality math education accessible and equitable for all students. The opportunity to make sense of the world through mathematical understanding is a civil right and an essential component of creating a just society.

Our Actions

• The Math Collective develops trainings and experiences that empower teachers, teacher leaders, and math coaches to develop as mathematicians, as math educators, and as math leaders in their schools.
• We find and create resources that help educators teach math as sense-making and problem solving.
We grow networks and support systems for math teacher leaders and math coaches.
We advocate for students as sense-makers with their own meaningful mathematical ideas.

Our Values

Making Sense. We believe that math is a coherent system that invites wonder, is illuminated through connections, and is eminently knowable. Children and adults find these connections by working in a community in which they communicate their ideas, hear the ideas of others, and have the time and space to reflect on both.
Access and Equity. We believe in access and equity in math education. All teachers and students have the ability and the right to learn mathematics as a subject that makes sense. That sense lies in the structure of mathematics, not in the teacher as authority or gate-keeper of knowledge.
Empowerment. We believe that teachers and students must develop their own ideas and set their own goals, based on their own contexts. Our role is to facilitate this process.
Collective Effort. We believe in collective work and thinking. The Math Collective is dedicated to sharing resources and ideas, and to building networks of teachers within and among schools.