What We Do

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Lesson Studies

Lesson studies are the core of the Math Collective's work. They are a professional development practice that allows teachers to develop their own questions about teaching, attempt to answer them collaboratively, and analyze the results together. Our practice is based on the Japanese model, as described in Lesson Study: Step by Step, and work done by the Lesson Study Research Group at Columbia University. 


Professional Development Workshops

Math Collective workshops are meant to expand access to current ideas in mathematics education. In these after-school workshops, teachers work together to develop their own mathematical understandings and consider applications to teaching practice. Direct work with students is often part of these workshops, which allows us to develop ideas through experience.

Design Teams

Math Collective design teams are groups of self-selected teachers who gather to develop tools, assessments, and other materials for use by the entire Math Collective community.

Study Groups

Members of the Math Collective also hold and participate in study groups based on current research in the field of mathematics education. These gatherings usually take the form of reading groups based on notable books and publications. Action steps developed by these groups can be fulfilled by design teams.